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Lake Powell Fishing Report June 25, 2014 by Wayne Gustaveson

  Lake Elevation: 3607.25 Water Temperature 71-76 F The last fish report was not very exciting with mundane fishing results. Since then two major events occurred. First the wind quit blowing hard in the afternoons. Second the Summer Solstice on June 21 had a dramatic impact on Lake Powell as the lake started BOILING!  I suppose the striper boils were not really caused by the first day of summer.  Regardless, going fishing is now terribly exciting once more.     Slurping striper boils are seen lakewide.  Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustaveson 6-17-14

Photo Caption: Adam Jones and Deborah Williams found a trophy striper thrashing on the surface near Warm Creek. They tried to save the fish but it died due to post spawning stress. It was then turned over to Utah Wildlife resulting in the discovery of many interesting facts about trophy stripers in Lake Powell.   Early Saturday morning, June 14, a call came stating a big striper had just been caught at the mouth of Warm Creek. It took about 20 minutes to get there Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustaveson 6-5-14

Photo: William Thompson, age 15 from Idaho Falls ID, caught a big striper in the Escalante River Arm of Lake Powell. He was fishing with his family when stripers started to boil in the back of the canyon.  He caught the first striper from a boil in 2014. Lake Elevation: 3592.3 Water Temperature 67-74 F Lake Powell came up over 6 feet since last weeks’ report.  Fast rising water means fishing success along the shoreline declines as water covers new ground.  Seems fish and fishermen Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing by Wayne Gustaveson 5-29-14

Photo: Ryan Mosley and Kevin Clegg , Dutch John UT, fished for stripers and walleye in May by trolling along Tapestry Wall. Here is the catch with the beauty of Tapestry Wall in the background. Lake Powell Fishing Report May 28, 2014 Lake Elevation: 3586.3 Water Temperature 67-74 F Lake Powell is now flooding new ground as runoff has doubled.  The lake rose over 3 feet last week. That figure will increase to 5-6 feet next week. Make sure to check beached houseboats daily and Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustaveson 5-13-14

Photo:  Sharon Hunt, Spring Valley AZ, spend a week fishing Lake Powell and caught a mixed bag of walleye, stripers, bass and crappie.  May is the best time to catch a variety of fish.Cool spring temperatures have delayed  the best fishing which will now occur the last two weeks of May.  Lake Elevation: 3580 Water Temperature 57-65 F The good news is that lake elevation is now high enough to wet the Castle Rock Cut.  Water is not yet deep enough to allow boats to Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report 3-31-14 by Wayne Gustaveson

March 31, 2014 Lake Elevation: 3575 Water Temperature 51-55 F By: Wayne Gustaveson   Here is a quick early report as I am going to be gone the rest of the week. Stripers continue to be the most readily caught fish in the lake.  Some walleye, bass and crappie have been taken but not in large numbers.  Catching these other species will improve with warming but cold nights and windy afternoons are keeping the lake temperature down.  So until we have more warm calm days Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report March 1, 2014 by Wayne’s Word

  Photo Caption: Brett Hepworth and family from Cedar City UT, found one nice 7-pound striper in Wahweap Bay while fishing over the President’s Day weekend at Lake Powell. The youngest daughter Whitni caught the biggest fish. Lake Powell Fishing Forecast March 5, 2014 Lake Elevation: 3575 Water Temperature 50-53 F By: Wayne Gustaveson Weather is warming and trees are budding in the high desert.  It’s time to start thinking about fishing and what to expect from Lake Powell in 2014. The lake has dipped Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report 2-19-14

Lake Powell Elevation: 3576.58 Lake Powell has produced striper catches all Winter with mostly schoolies size fish. Bigger fish are ready for spawn when water temps climb another 10 degrees which will make the fish bite even better still.  If Spring continues mild, fishing WILL BE EXCELLENT for stripers.  Later March through Summer/Fall Season fly, spin, bait cast and trolling .  Our boats and Guide have you covered. With the warmer temps we have been getting look for water temperature to jump…Get you booking in Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustaveson 8-20-13

      Lake Powell Fish Report – August 20, 2013 Lake Elevation: 3591 Water Temperature 77-82 F By: Wayne Gustaveson A huge school of small stripers has moved into the Glen Canyon Dam Forebay. Young stripers are most abundant near the second barricade from the west wall but they are also found in many places along that wall.  The yearling fish are apparently congregating near a large plankton school along the west wall.  But anglers have feed them some anchovies and they really like Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne Gustavson 8-7-13

Lake Powell Fish Report ­ August 7, 2013 Lake Elevation: 3593 Water Temperature 77-81 F By: Wayne Gustaveson Lake surface temperature and lake level are declining.  Cool monsoon weather patterns are adding much needed rain water to the lake but not enough to keep the lake from declining one foot per week. Fishing success for stripers on anchovy bait and smallmouth on plastic bait is still exceptional. Adult stripers are holding at about 30 feet where cooler temperatures make life more pleasant for these hungry Read More +