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Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne’s Words

Lake Powell Fish Report – June 26, 2013 Lake Elevation: 3600 Water Temperature 73-77 F By: Wayne Gustaveson Shad are taking a beating now as stripers have found the tiny hatchlings close to the surface. Unfortunately, surface feeding stripers are very easy to see but not as easy to catch.  In the southern lake striper slurps are common but very subtle.  Slurps are quick.  Stripers may get done feeding before the boat is in casting range.  If they come up a second time then a Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report 5-24-13

Lake Powell Elevation: 3597.65 Water Temp: 67-68 Fishing patterns about to change at summer heat is finally turning the lake over and plankton saturates the lake with its green emerald hew. Stripers over 2 lbs will now suspend under the feeding schools of Schoolies size fish as the pursue had larva and hatching Shad lake wide. Early morning top water action and evening is in the mix as well and larger fish can be caught then as well along your shade lines before the sun hits Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report by Wayne’s Words 5-14-13

    Lake Powell Fish Report – May 14, 2013 Lake Elevation: 3596 Water Temperature 65-72 F By: Wayne Gustaveson Warmwater fish really respond to changes in water temperature.  Lake Powell water temperature is now ranging from 65-72F meaning that spring fishing responses are on the way out and summer personality traits are setting in. The most noticeable sign of warming water is the appearance of phytoplankton which gives lake water a green hue. Formerly crystal clear water now has much less visibility.  Normally we Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report – Wayne Gustavson 1-23-12

Was sent today from Wayne today   Big Striper Caught at Bullfrog. On January 20, 2013 a lucky 13-year-old from Denver CO was trolling with leaded line near Forgotten Canyon just upstream from Bullfrog Marina. We are still trying to talk with Jessie Pond to find out exactly what lure he was using and how he was holding his mouth, what he had for breakfast and other important details. Jessie and his Dad brought the big fish to Bullfrog Marina after hours and were able to Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing December 2012

Lake Powell winter Florida Style Fishing for “hefty” Stripers Bait fishing is done.  Fly, spin and trolling is now the ticket.  Fly Fishing the tree line is best and boat placement wind and light is very important.  Fly Rods recommend:  7-8 wt. medium fast action- 20′ medium sink line or full clear fluorocarbon 6′ leaders 20lb test (1x) 3″ chartreuse clausers. Spin:  6.5-7′ medium action spin/bait cast – 15 lb. fluorocarbon or fluocarbon leader attached.  Reaction baits that will dive 10′ (chartreuse & white) and Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report 5-22-12

Photo caption: Brian Myers from Colorado took some friends fishing in Good Hope Bay. They found fishing to be great for smallmouth bass. Stripers are spawning this week and only being caught at night. That will change as boils are predicted to begin in June.   Lake Powell Fish Report ­ May 22 2012 Lake Elevation: 3636 Water Temperature 70-75 F By: Wayne Gustaveson   We did a tour of the recent hot spots and found fish holding in the same spots as last week. Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report – Compliments of Wayne Gustavson

Photo:  Debi Cross, Greenehaven AZ, with her personal best largemouth bass of 6-pounds caught in Lake Powell’s San Juan arm. Big bass are preparing to spawn this week. Lake Elevation: 3635 Water Temperature 52-60 F By: Wayne Gustaveson Bass are moving up to Spawn Water temperature is still a cool 52 F in the early morning. But on calm sunny days water temperature escalates to over 60 degrees in the shallows by late afternoon. Weather is expected to be calm and sunny for the weekend.  Read More +


Photo caption:  Brian Hammond, Page, AZ,  caught a brown trout in Padre Bay. The bigger surprise is that more brown trout and a rainbow have been recently caught. Looks like bunch of trout were washed downstream last year with the big flood. It will be a very interesting year to fish at Lake Powell.   Lake Powell Fish Report – March 21, 2012 Lake Elevation: 3635 Water Temperature 50-57 F By: Wayne Gustaveson Imagine my surprise when checking the water level to find out that Read More +

Lake Powell Fishing Report March 7, 2012

  Lake Powell Fish Report – March 7, 2012 Lake Elevation: 3635 Water Temperature 49-54 F By: Wayne Gustaveson   Mike Crowther, Page AZ, shows off one of the trophy largemouth bass caught at Lake Powell this spring. This one came from the San Juan Arm. The better news is that there are many of more of these waiting to be caught in the next 3 months. This will be a banner year for big fish. Fishing Report: Lake Powell water temperature still hovers between Read More +


5lb Walleyes – Lake Powell Lake Powell Fish Report – February 29, 2012 Lake Elevation: 3635 Water Temperature 48-53 F By: Wayne Gustaveson   Spring Fishing Begins   The water is cold and fish are fussy but some really nice stripers, walleye and bass are being caught. The first fish of spring are fat and healthy.  It looks like game fish have wintered well and show signs of producing a bumper crop of trophy individuals in March and April. If you can’t wait for warmer Read More +